SunBrush Crane


SunBrush crane enables thorough cleaning of large rooftop PV systems. They are mounted on a telescopic handler, crane or lifting platform, and the operator controls the SunBrush with the integrated joystick. We can reach where many hand cleaning teams can’t go, so please get in touch for a far quicker and more effective cleaning system.

The WashTronic float system is installed alongside the wet cleaning system identical to the other SunBrush models.

SunBrush Crane systems are bespoke products designed on a deal by deal basis to suit specific requirements, please contact us for more information.


  • Roof mounted cleaning system
  • 10ft, 15ft Brushes Available 
  • 14” Brush Diameter
  • Fully integrated HotWater wet cleaning for optimum results.


The Nitrogen accumulator system “WashTronic”, built as standard on every SunBrush, enables the contact pressure to be set between the brush and the panels; resulting in a consistent clean across the whole site. WashTronic also counteracts any uneven ground surface, whether a bump or dip, ensuring a damage free clean. 

Product Video