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SunBrush Lift

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SunBrush Lift


The SunBrush Lift is our Roof-Top and Car-Port cleaning solution. Easily mountable on the underside of Boom-Lift man cages, the operator in control of the boom lift also operates the brush.

With cleaning speeds up to 10x faster than hand cleaning, and 5 x faster than remote control robots, the SunBrush Lift revolutionizes large scale roof top & car port cleaning.


  • Lightweight Aluminum frame for safe use with boom lifts
  • Brush lengths from 6ft to 10ft
  • WashTronic Float System as standard
  • Contact Pressure of 0.5lb/in guarantees a quality and safe cleaning result
  • 14" Brush supplied as standard
  • Integrated Wet Cleaning with double sided spraying
  • One Operator, Thousands of panels per day
  • Suitable for: Dust, pollution, snow, moss & algae blooms

Suitable Carrier Vehicles

  • Boom lift
  • Crane with man-platform


The Nitrogen accumulator system “WashTronic”, built as standard on every SunBrush, enables the contact pressure to be set between the brush and the panels; resulting in a consistent clean across the whole site. WashTronic also counteracts any uneven ground surface, whether a bump or dip, ensuring a damage free clean. 

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