SunBrush Diagnostic 2.0

SunBrush Diagnostic combines the effective cleaning of the panels, with thermographic imaging - creating a diagnostic report of the site for you or your client. Finding over 85% of errors, this gives a cost effective overview as to whether a specialist team needs to evaluate the site.

Detects HotSpot Faults
Finds failures from defective cell connectors
Detects failures of sub-stings in a module.
In depth report produced, localising the failures on a map of the site using GPS locations*.
Enables evaluation of cleaning effectiveness.
Highlights panel deterioration year on year.

Please contact the team for more information on the Diagnostic system.

* Simultaneous thermographic and standard images are taken alongside GPS locations to determine panels are faulty.

HotWater 200

More effective removal of dirt, dust & grime.
Enables reduction of water usage, as far superior cleaning affect.
Reduces temperature differential between water and panels - so can effectively clean on hot days.  
Runs off the tractor electric, but heater is powered by built in diesel tank.
Mounting kit provided for IBC water carrier (Accessory 4)

SunBrush Blue (25L Container)

Environmentally friendly cleaning agent, specifically designed for Solar Modules, optimises the cleaning effect.

Residue and stain free cleaning results.
Solar cell cleaner with “Lime-Stop” formula.
No expensive demineralisation required

Concentration of 1:1000.

IBC Carrier Console

Mounts on Tractor rear 3 Point Linkage.
Carrys IBC container on Pallet Fork Frame
Transport position fixing bars included

Rapid IBC Carrier Console

Mounts on scraper blade of Excavator
Carry’s IBC container in Heavy Duty Frame

Hydraulic Water Pump Upgrade

Converts water pump from PTO into hydraulic drive
Reduces water usage due to automatic on/off feature

0.5m Brush Extension

Slides into end of existing brush


Enables use on tele-handler or non 3 point linkage carrier vehicles
Adaptor converts 3 point linkage to the required loader bracket

Tank System

Fuel powered water pump
Can fill IBC containers in the field.

1000L IBC Trailer

Doesn’t include IBC Water container
Hydraulic water Pump upgrade can be mounted on the trailer.

4000L Trailed Water Tank