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Sunbrush Wall Cleaner

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Sunbrush Wall Cleaner


Launched in 2021, the Wall Cleaner does what it says on the tin.

With an adapted WashTronic float system, the unit provides the same pressure onto the wall with 6ft of leeway. This leads to easy operation, and the contact pressure is adjustable depending on the wall surface and soiling severity. Safety buzzer is integrated for when the Wall Cleaner is near its WashTronic Limit.


  • Quick and easy to install onto Pallet Fork Frame
  • WashTronic Float System enables a consistent clean
  • Effectively cleans stubborn dirt deposits
  • Runs off carrier vehicle auxiliary hydraulic line
  • Operation controlled from carrier vehicle cab
  • Vertical or Horizontal Cleaning

Suitable Carrier Vehicles

  • Fork Lift
  • Tele-handler
  • Crane
  • Boom Lift
  • Tractor & Loader Combination


The Nitrogen accumulator system “WashTronic”, built as standard on every SunBrush, enables the contact pressure to be set between the brush and the panels; resulting in a consistent clean across the whole site. WashTronic also counteracts any uneven ground surface, whether a bump or dip, ensuring a damage free clean. 

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