SunBrush TrackFlex


The TrackFlex is the most flexible and versatile SunBrush yet. Specifically designed for sites with trackers or narrow rows, the main boom can bend on the go using the intuitive SunBrush joystick. With a TrackFlex no site is too difficult for SunBrush to clean.

The bending feature brings the carrier vehicle closer to the panels, whilst also enabling the cleaning of trackers 24/7, even when flat. Cleaning with the panels at an angle is recommenced, to allow the dirty water to flow off the panel, but not essential.

Mountable on a wide range of carrier vehicles, we can create a system to suite your needs. Optional Changing Arms are available to enable different brush lengths for the same machine, offering more flexibility. SunBrush’s effective “WashTronic” float system enables the brush to keep a constant yet limited pressure on the panels, resulting in damage free operation.


  • One operator cleaning MW’s per day
  • 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft Brushes Available 
  • Optional 15ft, 20ft, 25ft Changing Arms to adapt the SunBrush for different panel arrangements
  • 14” Brush Diameter as standard
  • Optional NexTracker 20” Brush
  • PTO Water Pump as standard for integrated wet cleaning system. 
  • See more FEATURES below.

Suitable Carrier Vehicles

Carrier Vehicle Requirements Sheet
  • Agricultural tractor with front 3 Point Linkage. E.g. John Deere, Case, Fendt, Kubota
  • Agricultural Tractor with Front Loader
  • MultiHog Utility Tractor
  • Holder Utility Tractor
  • Telescopic Handler  
  • Skid-Steer

Carrier Vehicle Requirements Sheet


The Nitrogen accumulator system “WashTronic”, built as standard on every SunBrush, enables the contact pressure to be set between the brush and the panels; resulting in a consistent clean across the whole site. WashTronic also counteracts any uneven ground surface, whether a bump or dip, ensuring a damage free clean. 

Product Video