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If you clean your solar plant at least once a year and the environment is dry to moderate, ASA is the coating you will want to apply!

Concentrated solution to reduce the adhesion of dirt.

Antisatic Solar Armor (ASA) is a concentrated product developed to be applied with a robot or a tractor brush, requiring no rinsing during application for normal cleaning.

Its antistatic properties reduce the adhesion of dust to the glass, while keeping the solar glass cleaner between cleanings, and increasing the efficiency of the next wash as well as boosting energy production by up to 5%.

This environmentally friendly product is free of phosphate or chlorine, and has a neutral pH, so it does not attack the aluminium structure, silicone or anti-reflective coating of the solar panel.

ASA is fully tested and certified by the international laboratory TÜV Sud.

Industries & Application
  • Protection of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, photovoltaic solar roofs, etc.
  • Photovoltaic plant installers
  • Solar panel cleaning companies
  • Solar parks with their own maintenance teams
Available Formats
  • 2kg drum
  • 5kg drum
  • 20kg drum
  • 1000kg IBCs

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