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Are you a solar glass manufacturer? Add value to your product with this long-lasting hydrophobic protection, making cleaning easier.

Solar glass treatment to protect from dirt and cut cleaning time by 90%

Industrial Glass Protect is a ready to use product for soiling mitigation and efficiency enhancement specially developed and certified for solar panels.

Its hydrophobic (water repellent) properties reduce the adhesion of dust to the glass, facilitating future cleanings by keeping the panel cleaner and easier to clean, increasing the efficiency of the next wash as well as the irradiance on rainy days, producing up to 5% more energy.

The hydrophobic coating on the Industrial Glass Protect was designed to be applied on a factory level and for specific weather conditions (either extremely rainy and humid, or extremely drought and dry).

This coating has been fully tested and certified by the international laboratory TÜV Sudas its hydrophobic properties will last up to 5 years, won't damage the panel and its "easy cleaning" function works.

Industries & Applications

  • Hydrophobic coating for photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, photovoltaic solar roofs, etc.
  • Photovoltaic plant installers
  • Solar panel cleaning companies
  • Solar parks with their own maintenance teams

Available formats

  • 1L Drum
  • 2L Drum
  • 5L Drum

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