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Are you looking for solutions to to keep higher levels of reflectance, between cleanings, on your CSP plant? Discover all about Mirtek!

Biodegradable solution to increases the energy efficiency of CSP mirros.

Mirtek is an easy to apply concentrated product with antistatic and antiadherent properties for application in CSP mirrors. It repels dust and reduces the adhesion of dust and dirt keeping the mirrors cleaner ad easier to clean.

This innovative coating reduces the loss of reflectivity by keeping the mirror cleaner with jetwash or brush. It is an economic solution because it does not need rinsing when applying - it should be applied during normal cleaning operations.

It is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly solution, with pH neutral and solvent free - does not affect the mirror surface or any other component.

Industries & Applications
  • Protection and soiling mitigation for mirrors on CSP plants cleaned with distilled water
  • CSP plants cleaning companies
  • CSP plants with their own maintenance teams
Available Formats
  • 4,5kg drum

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